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EURO 2016 Group Stage
France 2:1 Romania
Albania 0:1 Switzerland
Romania 1:1 Switzerland
France 2:0 Albania
Romania 0:1 Albania
Switzerland 0:0 France
France 2w1d 7 pts
Switzerland 1w2d 5 pts
Albania 1w2l 3 pts
Romania 1d2l 1 pt
Wales 2:1 Slovakia
England 1:1 Russia
Russia 1:2 Slovakia
England 2:1 Wales
Russia 0:3 Wales
Slovakia 0:0 England
Wales 2w1l 6 pts
England 1w2d 5 pts
Slovakia 1w2d1l 4 pts
Russia 3l 0 pt
Poland 1:0 N Ireland
Germany 2:0 Ukraine
Ukraine 0:2 N Ireland
Germany 0:0 Poland
N Ireland 0:1 Germany
Ukraine 0:1 Poland
Germany 2w1d 9 pts
Poland 2w1d 9 pts
N Ireland 1w2l 3 pts
Ukraine 3l 0 pt

Group A

Group B

Group C

Spain 1:0 Czech
Turkey 0:1 Croatia
Czech 2:2 Croatia
Spain 3:0 Turkey
Croatia 1:2 Spain
Czech 0:2 Turkey
Croatia 2w1d 7 pts
Spain 2w1l 6 pts
Turkey 1w1l 3 pt
Czech 1l2d 1 pt
Ireland 1:1 Sweden
Belgium 0:2 Italy
Italy 2:0 Sweden
Belgium 3:0 Ireland
Italy 0:1 Ireland
Sweden 0:1 Belgium
Italy 2w 6 pts
Belgium 2w1l 6 pts
Ireland 1w1d1l 4 pts
Sweden 1d2l 1 pt
Austria 0:2 Hungary
Portugal 1:1 Iceland
Iceland 1:1 Hungary
Portugal 0:0 Austria
Hungary 3:3 Portugal
Iceland 2:1 Austria
Hungary 1w2d 5 pts
Iceland 1w2d 5 pts
Portugal 3d 3 pts
Austria 1l1d 1 pt

Group D

Group E

Group F

EURO 2016 Last 16
Swiss 1:1
PK: 4-5
Croatia 0:1
Germany 3:0 Slovakia
Italy 2:0 Spain
Wales 1:0 N Ireland
France 2:1 Ireland
Hungary 0:4 Belgium
England 1:2 Iceland
EURO 2016 Quarter Final
Poland 1:1
Wales 2:1 Belgium
Germany 1:1
PK : 7-6
France 4:2 Iceland
EURO 2016 Semi Final
Portugal 2:0 Wales
Germany 0:2 France
EURO 2016 Final
Portugal Full Time: 0:0
Extra Time: 1:0
Betting Preview
Betting Essence


First match of a tournament such as Copa America and EURO always favor the underdog.


1st round of World Cup and EURO always ended in low scoring.


There will be a HIGH scoring game in 2nd round.


More goals in last round of group stage.


2nd runner up game always ended in Over 2.5 goals.



Final match of a tournament always end up in favor team.

Example: Real Madrid won Champions League 2016.



Game between winners of past tournament always ended in Draw.

Example: World Cup winner Italy vs EURO winner Spain will end in DRAW.



The country where it's football league involves in fixed match scandal will win tournament.

Example: Italy won World Cup in 2006.


Betfair has the best coverage.


AsianHandicap gives you better chance of winning than any other markets.



Fully Utilise Money Back Guarantee, Loyalty Bonus and Reload Bonus.
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Under / Over 2.5 goals or Goal Line is the easiest to win money.


Past meeting analysis is the basic and the most crucial factor.


Odds movement hints the outcome of a game.


Most fixed matches are weaker team.


Decrease stake in losing hands.


Increase stake in winning hands.

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