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How To Spot Good Bookie ?
There are approximately 500 sport bookmakers on internet ready to take your bets. Many of them are well run or big companies listed in the London stock exchange, such as the big name Ladbrokes.

However there are also plenty of dishonest sportbooks who ready to scam your money. These bad sportbooks will not pay out your winning, they would just disapear, such as the famous scam Pointbet.

There are some crucial element to cosndider when choosing a good sportbook as below:

1) Are they licensed?
This is the basic requirement to be a good sportbook. A licensed sportbook is bonded by the rules and regulation by the licensed goverment. The goverment will overlook the gambling business and our money would be save.

Most of the time, you can found their licensing under about us. It should explain which country their license are issued. The licensed issued from UK, Ireland and Australia are strictly checked by the goverment. Meanwhile the license from Isle of Man, Philipines, Gibraltoar are good too. But the licenses issued in Caribbean and in the central of American are very few checks.

2) Cheap Site layout and design?
Usually A good sportbook will invest on the site development. It the site load fast? is the site alway available? A badly design or simple design will reflect the sport book to pay out the winning. Meanwhile you may check the recommendation from experience punters in forum.

3) Unbelievable Good odds?
If odds offered are too good then probably they are scam. Let says Man Utd to win odds are 1.50 - 1.60 for most of the sportbooks, and a sportbook offers 1.80 or higher then this sportbook is fishy. They could have run away with your money the next day.

4) Does your Sportbook join IBAS?
IBAS is an authoritative, totally independent third party offering adjudication for customers who have an unresolved betting dispute with their bookmaker. Plenty of good sportbook have joined IBAS to protect their customers such as Betfred.

Your sportbooks would be a good one if you can answer above questions.

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