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Martingale System
The Martingale system is a very old and extremely simple system. It is based on the probability of losing streaks and is usually applied to 'even money' bets.

How does Martingale system works?
Every time you lose, you double your previous bet and continue doing so until you win. The theory behind this is that when you do eventually win you will have covered your previous bets and have one betting unit profit.

You start with one bet. If you win, you start again with one bet. If you lose, you double your bet. Each time you lose, you double your last lost bet. Eventually you are bound to win. When you win you would recover all your lost bets plus one unit profit against your initial wager.

Although infallible in theory, the Martingale system requires a large bankroll, has a very low return and is a very risky one because of the maximum bet limits imposed by the betting companies. If you run out of money or reach the company limit, you can lose a lot with no chance to recover your losses.

Therefore, Martingale is a system which helps you control your stakes. With Martingale, you can be a lousy bettor, but still win money. Please not that Martingale is a system with very high risk of going broke.

The principle of the Martingale system is as follows:
Martingale 1-2-4-8-16-32.

Each time you lose, you bet double. Do this again until you win, or until you play the highest bet. Then return to the lowest bet.

1. Bet $1 and win. Keep betting $1 until you lose, then bet $2.
2. If you win the $2, return to $1. If you lose, then bet $4.
3. If you win the $4, return to $1. If you lose, then bet $8.
4. If you win the $8, return to $1. If you lose, then bet $16.
5. If you win the $32, return to $1. If you lose, then also return to $1.
6. And so on...

Follow this example:

You've found a game with odds 2.0 for home victory. You bet $100, but you lose, as the game ends in a draw. Next time you bet $200 on a game with odds 2.0. If you lose again, you must bet $400 on a game with odds=2.0. If you win this time, you've placed a total stake of $100+ $200+ $400 =$700, and you've won $100 for your efforts. The $100 payoff is equal to what you would've won on your first bet.


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