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Gambling in Australia

http://www.asiaplate.com/photo/flag/Greece.jpg Currency : Australian Dollar (AUD)
Language : English
Population : 22.3 million
Continent : Asia

Gambling is one of the most popular activities among the Australians. There was a study which showed that the Australians spend more money each week on gambling that they do on petrol. The gambling activity is so extensive that it is not surprising to know that almost a fifth of all gaming machines are made in Australia.

Since gambling is well-sought after in Australia, it is quite unexpected that online gambling is rather strict in the country. While the Australian government gives licences to companies who have initiatives to run internet casinos, these companies are forbidden to accept Australians or players from Australia. This restriction have caused players from Australia to gamble online in sites hosted by other countries. It is believed that this act of the government was to restrict online gambling among Australians who claimed that online gambling causes gambling addiction.

However, this have caused the Australians to gamble freely online at sites other than Australia-hosted gambling sites. Therefore, gambling activity has not gone down even with the government's restriction. Hence, the government is now considering now measures where they could place internet filters to prevent Australians from assessing online gambling sites, but this is still pending and under consideration.


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Zeljko Ranogajec, known as 'The Joker' is one of the greatest Australian gambler is a great expert in blackjack, keno and horse racing.

His biggest achievement was hitting the biggest keno jackpot of $7.5 million in 1994.

He won millions from playing blackjack until he is banned from most of the casinos in Australia.

His major is in horse racing where he employed over 100 staffs to analyse horses form. Reportedly he accounts 8% of Australian bookmaker TabCorp's $10 billion annual revenue as well as 1/3 of Betfair.

In December 2011, Australia Tax Office began auditing him but it's believed that gambling money has never been a taxable source of income in Australia.

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