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Gambling in Germany

http://www.asiaplate.com/photo/flag/Germany.jpg Currency : Euro
Language : German
Population : 81 million
Continent : Europe

In many parts of Europe, Germany is one of the countries which offers legalised gambling in most of its districts. Most forms of gambling are allowed and considered legal in Germany. For the past years, it was up to the local state authorities to regulate the gambling activity in each area. However, today, gambling in Germany has gone up to a stricter level and requires more regulation from the main government. Gambling in Germany has started since the 1900s due to war and partition, and has increased tremendously for the past decades.

There are nearly seventy authorized gambling centers across Germany, most of which are proper casinos and casino cruises which are legal. These are heavily regulated, in an attempt by the German government to keep players from becoming addicted to gambling and being out of control. Despite strict control, gambling in Germany is extremely popular.

In terms of online gambling, the government of Germany has yet to approve this form of activity. German websites are prohibited from offering betting games to players in and out of the country. However, most players in Germany opt to use online gambling sites that are hosted in other countries, which also means that their own government has no jurisdiction in this matter as it if out of their boundaries. However, last year, the German government has heightened their operations and tried to stop this activity by blocking websites that offer internet gambling and by forcing local banks to stop money transfers to these sites.

In contrary, these actions were strongly opposed by the European Union and there were negotiations to lift the ban. In fact, a recent study showed that 2.2 million Germans regularly gamble online, whether they play lottery, poker, or other games. Clearly, gambling online in Germany is gaining its popularity and the market has been going upstream.

On February 15, 2011 the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig, Germany’s highest court, has issued a de facto ban on advertising by state controlled or private lotto and casino operators, a ruling that supports the German Gambling Monopoly created under the State Treaty on Gaming.

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