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Gambling in Greece

http://www.asiaplate.com/photo/flag/Greece.jpg Currency : Euro
Language : Greek
Population : 11 million
Continent : Europe

In Greece, any form of gambling or betting apart from a casino gambling is considered illegal. According to the Greek law, gambling is only legal if the activity is performed in a casino. Currently, there are less that 20 licensed casino in Greece, where most of them operate on the island, especially at Corfu and Thodes island. These casino gambling is mainly targeted at tourists.

The OPAP (Greek Organisation of Football Prognostics S.A) is a public company based in Athens, Greece that exclusively operates and manages numerical lottery and sports betting games in Greece. OPAP runs numerical lottery games such as Lotto, Proto, Joker, Extra5, Super3 and Kino as well as Sports betting games such as Propo, PorpoGoal and Pama Stihima. This company holds the exclusive rights to all sports betting and lotteries in Greece until the year 2020. As of 11 June 2008, the Greek state owned 34.4% of the company.

The Greek law on online gambling is strict. It seems that the online gambling market in Greece is being estimated at around 2 billion a year, which is certainly a tantalizing amount for the Greek government to want to collect taxation and licensing fees from. Conversely, the European Commission has long criticized Greece for not conforming to the free trade requirements of the European Union as far as online gambling is concerned, since Greece has insisted on only allowing their monopoly to operate legal gambling in their country.

Therefore, Greek rely on foreign websites for online gambling. Internet gambling is usually done at home to avoid public exposure and unnecessary attention as this act is yet to be legalised in Greece. However, a substantial number of international gambling sites are accepting Greece players despite government restriction and many of these sites are translated in the Greek language to facilitate better communication.

The official language of Greece is Greek and trading in EURO. With population over 11million, Greece has become one of the most gambling nation in the world and rank at #5 in our World Gambling Nations.


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